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Ensign Allan W. Cameron

- Victoria Colony, Australia

- 5 August 1849

- Scottish

Family Background:
- Cameron's father was Donald Cameron, owner of Clunes, Inverness-shire, and described as a man "of great wealth"

At Sandhurst:
- No

Foreign Languages:
- French

Career before Halifax:
- Ensign, 8 January 1868 (purchase)

Postings while in NS Command:
- Halifax, 9 May 1869 to 25 November 1871

Career after Halifax:
- Lieutenant, 5 November 1870 (purchase)
- Captain, 5 May 1878
- Major, 27 March 1885
- retired on retiree pay, 19 March 1889

As noted above, Ensign Cameron’s father was one Donald Cameron, owner of the estate of Clunes in county Inverness, Scotland. He was described by one of Allan Cameron’s references on his application for a first commission as “a man of great wealth.” Allan Cameron received his education at Mercheston Castle, Edinburgh, and at Cheltenham College, before he applied for a commission in the army in August 1866. His father wrote on his behalf that he preferred “one of the following regiments, viz. 79th, 78th or 93rd Highlanders, the former preferred on account of its being a Cameron Regiment”. The 79th proved impossible, however, and Cameron wound up in his second choice – the 78th. He evidently did not find it disagreeable, for he remained with it for the remainder of his military career.



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