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Lieutenant Edward Mayne Alexander

- Halifax, Nova Scotia

13 December 1845

- 5 feet 5 3/4 inches

Family Background:
- Alexander's father was Major General Sir James Alexander, of Westerton, near Bridge of Allan, Perthshire, Scotland

At Sandhurst:
- Yes

Foreign Languages:
- French

Career before Halifax:
- Ensign, 13 February 1866 (purchase)
- Lieutenant, 8 July 1868 (purchase)

Postings while in NS Command:
- Halifax, 9 May 1869 to 18 June 1871
- Scotland, 19 June 1871

Career after Halifax:
- Captain, 11 July 1877
- Major, 27 March 1883
- Lieutenant Colonel on retired pay, 27 March 1890

Alexander was one of two 78th officers who had some previous association with Halifax (the other being Ensign Arthur Dingwall Fordyce). He was born in this city on 13 December 1845, while his father was serving here as a major with the 14th Foot. His mother was Evelyn, daughter of Charles Cornwallis, at one time Surveyor General at the Cape of Good Hope.

On learning of Edward's appointment to an ensigncy in the 78th Highlanders, his father wrote that "Being Scotch ourselves we were anxious that he should serve in a national regiment and we are much pleased he had been selected for a Scotch corps."

Alexander was away from from Halifax on a prolonged leave of absence "on urgent private affairs" from 19 May to 19 November 1869. After leaving the city for good in June 1871, Alexander married in 1884, and in 1885 succeeded his father as owner of the Westerton estate in Perthshire. During his later years in the army he served as Inspector of Gymnasia in India.



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