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Lieutenant Charles Roberts

- Edinburgh, Scotland

- 29 July 1844

- Probably English, though with Scottish origins

Family Background:
- Roberts' father's name was John Roberts, but nothing more is known about him. His address in 1865 was West Grove, Retford [England]

At Sandhurst:
- Yes

Career before Halifax:
- Ensign, 16th Foot, 10 November 1865 (non-purchase)
- to 78th Highlanders by transfer, 21 November 1865
- Lieutenant, 21 August 1867 (purchase)

Postings while in NS Command:
- Halifax, 9 May 1869 to 22 June 1869
- Saint John, New Brunswick, 23 June 1869 to 31 March 1870

Career after Halifax:
- Captain, 72nd Highlanders, 18 January 1880
- Brevet Major, 9 July 1884
- Lieutenant Colonel (half pay), 29 July 1892
- served in Duffla expedition, 1874
- served in Afghan War of 1880 including march from Kabul to Kandahar under Sir Frederick Roberts

Roberts had attended Sandhurst, and passed out high enough to qualify for one of the free commissions which were available each year to the best Sandhurst graduates. Roberts' preference was for a highland regiment. "He would like to get into the 78th or 93rd Regiments", his father wrote to the Horse Guards; but, he added, "I do not understand it." Roberts wishes could not at first be met, for he was initially posted to the 16th Bedfordshire Regiment; but within a month he had transferred to the first of his preferred regiments - the 78th. It is not known how long Roberts was in Halifax after his return from Saint John in March 1870, if, indeed, he was here at all. He had certainly left by 25 January 1871, however, the date of his transfer to the 72nd Highlanders.



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