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Lieutenant Charles John Butler Stewart

- Madras, India

- 7 June 1846

- Probably Scottish

- 5 feet 11 3/4 inches

Family Background:
- Stewart's father was J. Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel retired, Madras Army, and for a time an official in the Audit Office at the Horse Guards

At Sandhurst:
- Yes

Foreign Languages:
- French

Career before Halifax:
- Ensign, 9 August 1864 (purchase)
- Lieutenant, 9 March 1867 (purchase)

Postings while in NS Command:
- Halifax, 9 May 1869 to 25 November 1871

- Florence Stewart, at Montreal, Church of England, 21 October 1871

Career after Halifax:
- Captain, 28 May 1873
- Major, 28 March 1882
- Lieutenant Colonel, 8 May 1897
- retired pay, December 1897
- served with 2nd Seaforths in Hazara campaigns of 1888 and 1891

On Stewart's applying for a first commission in the army in 1864 his father wrote the Horse Guards to the effect that he "was much desirous my son should join the 74th or 42nd Highlanders or, failing these two regiments, some other Highland corps." Evidently a vacancy occurred first in the 78th. Stewart seems to have been happy with his choice, for he stayed with this unit for the remainder of a fairly lengthy military career. While with the 78th in Halifax he occupied the position of Instructor of Musketry.



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