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Lieutenant Charles Edgar Croker-King

- Dublin, Ireland

- 19 June 1842

- Irish

- 5 feet 8 3/4 inches

Family Background:
- Not known

At Sandhurst:
- No

Foreign Languages:
- French

Career before Halifax:
- Ensign, 21st Foot, 23 September 1862 (purchase)
- to 22nd Foot by transfer, 23 September 1862
- Lieutenant, 16 May 1865 (purchase)
- to 48th Foot by exchange, 8 August 1865
- to 78th Highlanders by exchange, 15 May 1866

Postings while in NS Command:
- Halifax, 9 May 1869 to 25 November 1871

- Georgina Maude Kinnear, at Halifax, by the Dean of Halifax, Church of England, 14 January 1869

- Christina Eardly (b. 20 March 1870, Halifax)
- Ethel Maude (b. 27 August 1871, Halifax)

Career after Halifax:
- Adjutant, 78th, 7 July 1869
- Captain, 17 July 1872
- to Army Pay Department, 9 December 1878
- Honourary Lieutenant Colonel, 9 December 1878
- retired list

Croker-King's marriage to Georgina Maude Kinnear at Halifax in January 1869, took place fully five months before his regiment arrived in this city. What explains this is not certain, unless he had met her in Montreal. The bride's father was Thomas Clifford Kinnear (1810-80), a Halifax ship owner, and West India merchant. He was one of the founders of the Royal Bank of Canada, and served as its first president from 1869 to 1870. While in Halifax the Croker-Kings and their one female servant lived at 48 Morris Street.



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